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Good morning, Father Francis

Good morning, Father Francis.
Good morning, Mrs. Sheckleton.
What has brought you abroad so early, Mrs. Sheckleton?
I have come to confess a great sin, Father Francis.
What is it, Mrs. Sheckleton?
Your cat stole a pound of my butter, Father Francis.
O, no sin at all, Mrs. Sheckleton.
But I killed your cat for it. Father Francis.
O, a very great sin indeed, Mrs. Sheckleton,
you must do penance.
What penance, Father Francis ?
Kiss me three times.
Oh! but I can't!
Oh! but you must!
Oh! but I can't!
Oh! but you must!
Well, what must be must,
So kiss, kiss, kiss and away.

(ODNR: 159)

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